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Maradona and Juve de Platini succumb to Hellas Verona

first_imgThe year 1984 arrived and Big Brother was not that all-seeing eye that dominated the world. Who yes reigned on the planet football was Michel Platini, that in the summer of that same year it was proclaimed champion with Europe with Francewon his second Ballon d’Or and in Turin, where she led the best Juventus of history, it was almost as important as FIAT. It was the same summer that a player came to Serie A who came to break all the schemes. The Naples signed Maradona, destined to snatch the crown from the French. It was also the summer that Rummenigge, the great German star of the moment, signed for Inter, and in which the Fiorentina hired the magician Socrates, star of the Brazilian team. Was the Golden Age of Calcium. Zico, Gentile, Paolo Rossi, Junior, Laudrup, Souness, Falcao, Passarella, Boniek, among others, formed a constellation of stars that were distributed among the different Serie A teams. Each team had a great figure; calcium was like the NBA of soccer. Hand in hand with Bagnoli, the Hellas Verona was giving Giant steps season after season. Ascended a few months after the coach arrived, se qualified for UEFA the following year, in 1983, the year in which he also reached end of Coppa, where he fell before the mighty Platini’s Juventus. The following year he consolidated his success by playing the final again, but this time he lost to Roma.The season 1984-85 it was a course with special circumstances that Bagnoli interpreted like nobody else. The Juventus focused on the European Cup, which ended up winning after the catastrophe of Heysel, and discarded the league. It was the season of adaptation of Maradona, Roma, who had played the European Cup final the previous season, was in a process of transition, Socrates crashed in Fiorentina, Milan was under reconstruction and Inter lacked the pace in the final months of competition. They were big times of the catenaccio. Italy champion of the World of Bearzot and Juventus from Trapattoni marked the style to follow. A perfect style for a man like Bagnoli, used to working with more effort than talent. Amid so much galactic signing, the Hellas Verona signed to danish Elkjaer Larsen and to german Hans Peter Briegel, that year they would leave their mark on the history of Serie A. With the team’s two new and unique foreigners on attack, Hellas Verona became a solid, rocky, backlash team, specialized in taking more advantage of the mistakes of the rival than of their successes. He only received 19 goals, the team that conceded the least. Larsen and Briegel, along with Galderisi, the local idol, finished in the Top-10 of championship scorers, scoring eight points the Danish and nine his two companions. It was a difficult time for goal in Serie A.After that title, the Hellas history, like the Romeo and Juliet, ended in tragedy: the team gradually faded and in the 1989-90 ended up falling. Since then it has become a calcium lift equipment, with constant increases and decreases and financial problems. And there is no place like Verona where the stories of passion and tragedies fit together better. In full swing of Italian football sneaked a unexpected protagonist coming from a city where the word love has an omnipresent dimension: Verona, eternal capital of romanticism thanks to the work Romeo and Juliet. Four centuries later, it would be the technician Osvaldo Bagnoli and not Shakespeare, the great author of an exciting story that took place in the Italian city. And is that this humble italian coach took the reins of the Hellas Verona in 1981 when the club was active in Serie B, and in four years made him champion of what was then the best league in the world. Surely Shakespeare would have cataloged the feat as The dream of a nigth of summer.last_img read more