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Premier calls for Planning Dept to assess homes in Millennium Heights

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, July 6, 2016 – Three weeks ago the Premier said he asked planning to go to Millennium Heights to see what is going on in the community which has unleashed a barrage of complaints to media and the public about construction, environmental and financial stresses they have been forced to endure for years because of short cuts and shoddy construction by Priton Development. The country’s leader explained to Magnetic Media via WhatsApp that it was nearly a month ago that he, and I quote him now,  “I have instructed the Minister for Planning and the Planning Department via the minister to inspect the situation with respect to the sink holes in phase two and this was supposedly done.”  He continued with, “I have again followed up with them yesterday and requested that whatever assessment is required that attention be paid and executed.” The statement also says, that the Minister would say something today, but Minister Amanda Missick has not said anything up to news production time.  We asked the Premier about the mold, as he is the Minister of Health; Hon Dr Rufus Ewing said he had not heard of the mold problem but referred residents to the Environmental Health Department Director for evaluation.Magnetic Media has learned that the EHD has already condemned one house and that may lead to litigation.  Meanwhile, also silent so far is Priton Development, the contractors given not one or two but three tracts of Crown Land to build what can only be described so far as subpar houses.  The beleaguered homeowners in Millennium Heights have taken some comfort in the words of the Premier; who also said much of the owness has to be place on the builders as Planning Department aims to determine if there is something wrong with the construction method.This may be too little too late, as many of the buyers of the Priton homes are distrustful of the Planning Department, which they believe should have ensured at the onset, the house constructions were up to standard before issuing hundreds of move in certificates. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more


Second round of scabies at Detention center gone say officials

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:#magneticmedianews, #scabiesoutbreakatdetentioncenter Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, December 19, 2017 – Providenciales – A second outbreak of Scabies at the South Dock Road Detention center in Providenciales is contained, and a clean bill of health was issued on Friday for the facility which serves as an illegal migrant holding center.  The Environmental Health Department was called in to scour the place after four men of the Dominican Republic were diagnosed with having Scabies; these men have also been medically treated, were separated while detained and are now returned home to the DR explained a report from the Department of Immigration.The Immigration Department said that it activated its plan of changing of mattresses, bedding, linens and clothing, and due to exposure to the infected detainees, health officials visited the Detention Centre to assess the health of the remaining detainees, attending security guards and the Immigration Officers assigned to the Detention Centre.Magnetic Media was informed that the Dominicans were awaiting repatriation after serving time at HMP in Grand Turk on illegal fishing offenses.    An escape attempt in November was foiled by security guards and Police, and was said to have been brought on by the Dominicans who wanted to leave the country after being held too long, they said, after their prison sentence was completed.   The group of migrants had also expressed being afraid of getting scabies.Scabies, a disease caused by a mite, is highly contagious and very uncomfortable.    The site has been sanitized said a media release.   It is at least, the second scabies outbreak at the detention center this year.#MagneticMediaNews#scabiesoutbreakatdetentioncenterlast_img read more


Audi Toyota Waymo and others launch selfdriving car education group

first_img Car Industry Self-driving cars are on the way — but does the public understand their abilities and limits? Toyota Automakers and suppliers are working hard to develop autonomous cars and other self-driving technologies. But ensuring members of the public understand what those technologies can do — and also what they can’t do — is a different challenge. That’s why Audi, Daimler, General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen, Waymo and several suppliers have founded a new partnership to provide that information.PAVE, or the Partners for Automated Vehicle Education coalition, was announced at a press conference at CES on Monday. The group intends to teach people about self-driving technology using three key strategies. First, PAVE will work to get both consumers and policymakers (i.e. legislators) behind the wheel with driver-assistance technology. Second, the group will hold educational workshops on the technologies for legislators. And finally, PAVE will offer “educational materials” that car dealers and service centers can offer to customers. Although the coalition also hopes to reduce the number of crashes and fatalities on American roads, PAVE does not necessarily plan to endorse only certain types of technologies. “It’s not about lobbying for one specific type of technology or one way to do things,” says Deborah Hersman, president and CEO of the National Safety Council, one of PAVE’s members. Instead, she says, the goal is “to help Americans better understand the potential and the promise of these technologies.” “We want to dispel the confusion about this technology that’s often misunderstood,” Hersman said. “We will provide clear and factual information so consumers understand this technology and what to expect.” Post a comment For automakers, many of whom are already PAVE members, the group’s education efforts should also ensure that car shoppers understand the benefits of driver-assist features in new models, as well as future self-driving cars. “No matter how good or ready the technology is, we need to ensure that society develops a level of trust with this automated technology,” said Kelly Kay, executive vice president of the Toyota Research Institute. Kyle Vogt, founder of Cruise Automation, agreed with the need for more public education. He said that his company likens today’s push for autonomy to the space race — the difference is, he said, that it’s being led by private companies who need to build trust with consumers. “People need to understand the technology to feel comfortable with it and ultimately to trust it with their lives,” he said. 9 Photos Share your voice 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything better CES 2019 Tags 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealouscenter_img 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value Self-driving cars: Stay up to date on all the latest news in autonomy.CES 2019 schedule: It’s six days of jam-packed events. Here’s what to expect. Here’s the self-driving car you can take around Las Vegas during CES More From Roadshow 85 Photos All the cool new gadgets at CES 2019 0 Audi Toyota Self-driving carslast_img read more


John Oliver robocalls FCC to protest inaction on robocalls

first_img FCC This isn’t Oliver’s first time calling out the FCC. In May 2017, he aired a segment on net neutrality and asked the audience to flood the FCC with comments supporting net neutrality. Hours later, the agency’s comment system crashed. “Yes, FCC, we meet again, old friends,” said Oliver toward the end of the segment. The comedian stood on stage next to a sculpture of a giant finger about to press a huge button, saying he’d robocall the FCC commissioners every 90 minutes. “This time, unlike our past encounters, I don’t actually need to ask hordes of real people to bombard you with messages because, with the miracle of robocalling, I can now do it all by myself!”The FCC didn’t respond to a request for comment. Last Week Tonight declined to comment beyond the segment.  Share your voice John Oliver joked Sunday that he’d call the FCC every 90 minutes. Screenshot by Marrian Zhou/CNET John Oliver is taking on his “old friends” at the FCC once again. On HBO’s Last Week Tonight on Sunday, the comedian zoomed in on the robocalls problem, citing research that says half of mobile phone calls in the US will soon be scam calls. The Federal Communications Commission has criticized robocalling and said it’d take action on the issue. In November, the agency said it planned to create a database that businesses can check to make sure the numbers they’ve been given permission to call haven’t been reassigned to other people. The FCC is also undertaking “light touch” regulatory actions to give wireless carriers more flexibility to block spam text messages.FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in February also called on carriers to implement robust caller ID authentication systems to combat illegal robocalls and spoofing. He said companies need to get their programs in place by the end of the year, or the FCC will consider “regulatory intervention.”However, Oliver said that’s not enough. He argued that although Pai “urged” telecom companies to implement call authentication programs, if he’d “required” them to do it, the problem might have already been fixed. Mobile Tech Industry Digital Media Politics TV and Moviescenter_img Tags 2 Commentslast_img read more