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Januzaj: “I am a player who must make a difference”

first_imgAdnan Januzaj claimed against Valencia with a spectacular goal. If someone thought that he had gotten off the txuri-urdin ship, the Belgian was in charge of reminding him that he is very high and that he can still give many joys to the fans of the Royal Society. -What has changed from januzaj to do that great game against Valencia?Now I feel much better and calmer, and that’s good, because that way you can work in peace and everything goes much better.– How much was the goal he did to show that he has his head here in the Real?It was not easy. Because many people were talking about my situation, and it was complicated for me. But I’m here and I’m happy, because I showed that I can make a difference in this team.-What do you expect from this final leg of the league?Everything. Because when someone is confident you get everything, and I feel the confidence of the coach. So I hope to do my best in this key part of the season.– And why is not able to have more regularity in his game and offer more times that good version of the last day?Because there are many teams that come together very well back and it is difficult. And you need more time to do something. But when the team plays well, things get better for the player.-Imanol said he liked his match against Valencia, but he can do even better …Yeah right. In the first time I was losing some balls that with my quality can not happen to me. I understand it and I have to keep working for my good. Now I feel physically better than when I started the season. And that is positive. -What is the most difficult to carry?Many things have happened. He said a lot. ‘Janu is going out, Janu is going to stay …’ It was complicated for me. It was a difficult situation. But I was happy here, just like ahopra. And now I have to work hard to do many more things that people expect from me. And I am on that path.– Were there real options for him to leave Real in January?Sometimes in football you don’t know what can happen in football. I was in the Real and I was at ease, I have to say things as they are. But there are decisions that do not depend on me, not only was it something of mine to leave or not, also of the people above me. Of course there were things, but I stayed and I am very happy.– What do you think of the love of the fans?Well, my colleagues have helped me in that regard. Because a few weeks ago the fans were a little bit of me. But as a player I don’t care, they know the quality I have and expect much more from me. I get it. But now I am in a good moment, especially physically. And that’s good, because I also have peace of mind in my head.– What is missing to finish exploding here in the Real?I believe that with my quality I have to score more goals and make more assists. I am a player who must make a difference in all matches. I have to get it, that’s what I’m missing.-What tells you to be so close to the Champions League positions?For the club it is very important, we want to be in the top four. But we also really want to play a game as important as Mirandés. Because we also want to be in the Cup final.last_img read more