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Horse Racing Results

first_imgTrack Condition : Dirt : GoodRace 1 1820 M (Purse $590,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($450,0-$400,0)/NB5YO-NW41. LADY BELRIDGE OMullings 52.02. SIR SOUTH HPottinger3 51.0 Sh.Head3. *BRAVE PROSPECT JPatterson3 54.0 1 1/2L4. PLAY STATION OWhite 52.0 2 1/2LLate scratch: #5 RAY RAYWIN: $321.00Final Time: 1:58.4 Splits : 27.1, 52.0, 1:16.4, 1:43.1Winner : 6yo b mare – OUTRIGGER out of DOCANDME by JOESLEWTrainer : TOWNSEND,RAYMOND I Owner : RIDGEWOODQuinella : (3,6) $781.00 Exacta : (6-3) $1,136.00Trifecta : (6-3-7) $426.00Race 2 1200 M (Purse $500,000) NB5-Y-O & UP MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT1. DANISH BROWN OMullings 53.02. *IDON’TKNOW RLunan 53.0 5L3. THEGREATALLIANCE AChatrie 55.0 5L4. DEPUTY HEADGIRL JErwin 53.0 3/4LDNF #3 LADY MARCIANNE LWalters 55.0 45/1Late scratch : #5 MR. MUSMAKIT, #6 RAWALPINDI EXPRESSWIN: $144.00Final Time : 1:17.2 Splits : 24.2, 48.3, ,Winner : 5yo ch filly – REGION OF MERIT out of EAST WIND by ALISIOSTrainer : BURRELL,RENEX L Owner : RENEX L BURRELLQuinella : (2,4) $229.00 Exacta : (4-2) $312.00D/E : (6-4) $685.00 (6-5) $298.00 (6-6) $254.00Superfecta : (4-2-1-8) $262.00Race 3 1200 M (Purse $845,000) 3-Y-O & UP OPEN ALLOWANCE1. *CAMPESINO WGriffiths,OD 55.02. BRAWN DaneNelson 52.5 2 1/4L3. ROYAL ASSAULT WHenry 50.5 3 1/2L4. FORCE DE JOUR NBerger4 46.0 1 1/4LWIN: $70.00PLACE: $53.00, $66.00, $69.00Final Time : 1:11.0 Splits : 22.4, 45.4, ,Winner : 6yo b horse – COMPADRE out of YAELLA by BOLD EXECUTIVETrainer : FEANNY,PHILIP M Owner : HAMARK FARMSQuinella : (2,7) $203.00 Exacta : (2-7) $208.00D/E : (4-2) $304.00Trifecta : (2-7-4) $137.00Rolling Triple : (6-4-2) $2,458.00Race 4 1000 M (S) (Purse $768,000) NB3-Y-O MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT1. *MY WAY OWalker 54.02. PATCH RWilson 54.0 4L3. THAT’S THE MAN AMartin 54.5 1 1/4L4. JASON’S GOLD JErwin 52.5 1 3/4L5. DUTCHESS URIEL LSteadman2 53.5 1LLate scratch : #12 UNCLE BUNNYWIN: $51.00PLACE: $58.00, $94.00, $208.00Final Time : 0:58.1 Splits : 22.3, 45.1, ,Winner : 3yo ch colt – MARKET RALLY out of ALL IN by ROYAL MINISTERTrainer : DACOSTA,WAYNE A Owner : MILADE AZANQuinella : (9,14) $199.00 Exacta : (14-9) $226.00D/E : (2-14) $66.00 (2-12) $91.00Trifecta : (14-9-7) $516.00Hi-5 : (14-9-7-16-8) $3,954.00Rolling Triple : (4-2-14) $451.00Race 5 1000 M (R) (Purse $500,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($180,0)/NB6YO&UP-NW31. FIX IT UP AMartin 55.02. PERFECT GOLD DDawkins3 50.0 1L3. FABULOUSCONNECTION HPottinger3 53.0 2 3/4L4. WAR CHIP DaneNelson 53.0 NeckLate scratch : #3 TURBULENT VELOCITY, #7 CLASSICAL TRAINWIN: $384.00PLACE: $154.00, $1324.00, $143.00Final Time : 1:01.1 Splits : 23.2, 47.1, ,Winner : 4yo filly – URBAN KING out of LA CHAISE byTrainer : MARKLAND,O’NEIL D Owner : O’NEIL D MARKLANDQuinella : (8,10) $7,517.00 Exacta : (10-8) $46,778.00D/E : (14-10) $685.00Superfecta : (10-8-1-5) $122,480.00Rolling Triple : (2-14-10) $822.00Race 6 1300 M (Purse $560,000) NB5-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE III(NW3/OT)1. HAILEY’S COMET KPowell 50.02. *TOUCH DE ROAD RLahoe 52.0 3 1/4L3. NATASHADONTPLAY JPatterson3 49.5 1 1/2L4. XQUISITE CHOICE HPottinger3 51.0 1 1/4L5. BAD BOY JUSTIN AChatrie 52.5 1LLate scratch : #3 AWESOME CATWIN: $358.00PLACE: $233.00, $115.00, $129.00Final Time : 1:21.1 Splits : 24.3, 49.1, 1:14.1,Winner : 5yo b filly – IMAGE MAKER out of REGINA ROYALE by ROYAL MINISTERTrainer : DARBY,RYAN O Owner : IAN M ROBERTSQuinella : (2,8) $774.00 Exacta : (8-2) $1,483.00D/E : (10-8) $3,014.00 (10-3) $878.00Trifecta : (8-2-12) $3,242.00Hi-5 : (8-2-12-7-9) $17,242.00Rolling Triple : (14-10-8) $5,104.00Race 7 1000 M (S) (Purse $530,000) NB4-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE V(NW2)1. SAMORA (AndreePowell) 4 49.02. SIR LEYLAND HALL RNelson 56.0 5L3. *FIRE ALARM RHalledeen 53.5 1L4. GOLD SCREW MWard4 52.0 3/4L4. MAMETA OFoster 53.0 dead heat6. #4 KACI DaneNelson 53.0 3LWIN: $8653.00PLACE: $726.00, $97.00, $66.00Final Time : 0:58.2 Splits : 22.2, 45.0, ,Winner : 4yo colt – HOMING INSTINCT out of SHAKIRA SHAKIRA byTrainer : PLUMMER,DONOVAN Owner : SOMORA CLARKEQuinella : (1,11) $11,266.00 Exacta : (11-1) $53,570.00D/E : (8-11) $155,560.00Trifecta : (11-1-3) $44,023.00Hit-6 carry-over : $213,934.50Rolling Triple : (10-8-11) $97,276.00Super-6 : (4-2-14-10-8-11) $682,425.20CLIFFORD STEWART MEMORIAL CUPRace 8 1200 M (Purse $530,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($250,0-$210,0)/NB5YO-NW2 & 6YO-NW41. ST. BERNARD OWalker 54.02. AQUILO WHenry 54.0 Sh.Head3. EL NUMERO UNO RLunan 55.0 Sh.Head4. EL CLIENTE OEdwards3 51.0 Neck5. BLESSEDNESS JInnis3 49.0 1/2LDNF #11 WARRIOR PRINCESS JErwin 53.5WIN: $248.00PLACE: $98.00, $119.00, $86.00Final Time : 1:15.1 Splits : 23.1, 47.1, ,Winner : 7yo ch horse – TRACKING out of LUVABLE by LAW OF THE SEATrainer : BEECHAM,MICHAEL A Owner : PHILIP A EDWARDSQuinella : (7,12) $1,404.00 Exacta : (12-7) $2,365.00D/E : (11-12) $214,504.00Trifecta : (12-7-1) $4,124.00Hi-5 carry-over : $68,384.55Rolling Triple : (8-11-12) $1,961.00PlacePot 8 : (3,6-2,4-2,7-9,14-8,10-2,8-1,11-7,12) $165,750.00Race 9 1400 M (Purse $500,000) 4YO&UP CLM($180,0)-NOT FINISHED 1st – 2nd SINCE DEC.111. STORMONTHESEA (AndrePowell) 4 51.02. VERONICA B JPatterson3 52.0 2 3/4L3. COSEQUIN OEdwards3 51.0 Head4. ZANZIBAR HPottinger3 52.0 2 1/2L5. JOHN D LINJAH DDawkins3 49.0 NeckWIN: $1536.00PLACE: $890.00, $96.00, $537.00Final Time : 1:30.3 Splits : 24.0, 48.1, 1:16.0,Winner : 5yo dk b/br colt – STORM CRAFT out of VELOCITY byTrainer : HARDIAL,RUDOLPH M Owner : JACQUELINE M. BURGESS & EMILE K. WRIGHTQuinella : (4,5) $13,106.00 Exacta : (5-4) $19,656.00D/E : (12-5) $51,410.00Trifecta : (5-4-8) $87,160.00Hi-5 carry-over : $200,681.65Rolling Triple : (11-12-5) $21,432.00Pick-4 : Carry-over : $594,698.00Super-6 : (14-108-11-12-5) $52,929.50 Carry-over : $1,111,519.50Pick-9 : (6-4-2-14-10-8-11-12-5) $66,603.00 (6-4-2-14-10-8-11-12-5) $324.50 Carry-over : $1,677,505.20last_img read more


CJ consolidates misconduct challenge into one case

first_imgSingh, Brassington chargesFollowing the indefinite suspension of Magistrates Courts’ proceedings involving former Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh and former National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) Head, Winston Brassington, the High Court challenged continued on Monday, and acting Chief Justice, Roxanne George, SC, has consolidated the four ‘misconduct in public office’ charges into one substantive challenge.Dr Ashni Singh and Winston BrassingtonAfter the in-chamber hearing, Brassington’s attorney, Sase Gunraj, explained that the decision of the judge to consolidate the case means that the judge will hear all the matters together, as the charges are all similar in nature.The applicants have received an affidavit in answer from the Attorney General’s Chambers, and Gunraj said his side will reply, if necessary. The cases return to court on August 29 for report, when the acting Chief Justice could set a date for decision after she hears what the attorney described as ‘enlarged arguments’.The fourth charges which Justice George included relate to the sale of the Sanata Textiles Complex to Queens Atlantic Investment Inc.Dr Singh, of Goedverwagting, East Coast Demerara, and Brassington, of Florida, USA, are accused of selling various properties at prices the State contends were grossly undervalued.Following the charges being laid, Singh and Brassington appeared in the Magistrates’ Courts. Their lawyers subsequently challenged the charges in the High Court.They were granted an interim stay by Justice Franklyn Holder.In April, the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) brought charges against the two former Government officials for allegedly selling several plots of land on the East Coast of Demerara to National Hardware Guyana Ltd for over $598 million.Other charges include selling land to Scady Business Corporation at a cost of $150 million, and to Multi-cinemas Guyana Inc at a cost of $185 million.The two men were released on $6 million bail each, but their attorneys were granted stays of execution as the High Court hears legal challenges against SOCU’s charges.In regard to the Sanata case, the charge alleges that Singh and Brassington, while performing the duties of Finance Minister and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NICIL respectively, between October 26 and December 20, 2010, acted recklessly when they agreed to the sale of the Sanata Textiles Complex to QAII.According to the charge, the 18.976-acre property was sold for $697.8 million, but it was valued at $1.04 billion. However, according to privatisation documents published by NICIL, the property was valued at $245 million by the Government’s Chief Valuation Officer, but QAII paid $809.5 million for the property – more than three times the Government’s valuation.According to documents seen by this newspaper, upon Cabinet’s approval, QAII had embarked on its reclamation programme, clean-up and investment exercise. On May 30, 2007, QAII had requested, and received, a valuation of the property from the Government Assistant Valuation Officer, which proposed $330.375 million (land $269.200 million; improvements $119.175 million).On June 7, 2018, NICIL had commissioned a valuation from the private firm of Rodrigues Architects Ltd, which posited that the property be valued at $1,042,403,500 (land $209.650 million; improvements $832.753 million). NICIL also obtained, on June 27, 2007, a valuation of the land and its improvements from the Government’s Chief Valuation Officer, which came in at $245.175 million (land, $130 million; improvements $115.175 million). QAII was responsible, at its own expense, for the asbestos clean-up and removal of scrap, which alone incurred a cost of above $400 million.Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has said the decision to charge the duo for the sale of the lands was nothing more than a “frivolous” attempt to keep the campaign promise made by the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) to jail members of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP).Former Finance Minister Singh has expressed optimism that the charges brought against him would be disposed of in the near future, because of his belief that they were frivolous and have no bearing.last_img read more


The Warriors And Rockets Have Reinvented Modern NBA Defense Yes Defense

HOUSTON — The NBA Finals are the crown jewel of the playoffs for obvious reasons, but it’d be hard to argue with anyone who views this vaunted Western Conference finals matchup between the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets, which opens Monday night, as this year’s main event.The Warriors have two of the best three players in the world in their starting five, have won two of the past three titles and appeared borderline annoyed by having to face questions about whether they’re concerned to be starting a series without home-court advantage for the first time in their recent championship era. The Rockets won an NBA-best 65 regular-season games, have likely MVP James Harden and future Hall of Famer Chris Paul in their backcourt and possess a group of sweet-shooting teammates who stretch the floor as if it’s made of Play-Doh.The offensive firepower — Golden State and Houston finished No. 1 and No. 2 in offensive efficiency and virtually averaged the same number of points per 100 possessions — guarantees we’ll hear plenty about how well these teams score. But because of that, something else about the Rockets and Warriors may fly beneath the radar: The NBA’s two best clubs are even further ahead of the curve on defense. In a league that’s more reliant than ever on the pick-and-roll offense, these defenses are unmatched when it comes to their versatility and ability to switch assignments on the fly.Houston defended a screen-and-roll by switching on 1,406 possession chances during the regular season, while Golden State orchestrated 1,075 switches of its own, according to data from Second Spectrum and NBA Advanced Stats. These teams — which more than doubled the switch totals compiled by 20 other squads — were outliers: The Lakers were the only other club that broke 800 switches during the 2017-18 season.Video Playerhttps://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/rox.mp4Media error: Format(s) not supported or source(s) not foundmejs.download-file: https://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/rox.mp4?_=100:0000:0000:21Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.And it isn’t just that the Warriors and Rockets switch a lot. They also use the strategy to fuel their high-octane offenses. Houston forced 3.5 turnovers per 100 switches, while Golden State forced 2.4, the best rates in the league, according to Second Spectrum.Video Playerhttps://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/warriors.mp400:0000:0001:38Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.That ability — having two similarly sized players trade their defensive responsibilities quickly enough during a pick-and-roll that the offense doesn’t gain an edge — speaks to the length and versatility these Western Conference foes have. And it takes on added importance in a matchup like this, in which the Warriors and Rockets use an array of screens (albeit differently1The Warriors use fewer pick-and-roll plays than any other team in basketball, while the Rockets use more direct screens than any team, according to Second Spectrum data. That said, Golden State, seeking to free up Klay Thompson, sets more off-ball screens than any club.) to free up their most lethal shooters beyond the 3-point line.“You have to cover more ground than ever before. It’s amazing: Sometimes I’ll turn on the classic sports channel and find Lakers-Celtics games from the 1980s — some of the best games ever — and the game is played in this tiny little radius. Now it’s way out on the perimeter,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. “Every possession was, you dump it into the post, a double comes, and you might see six or eight threes taken in a game. But everything was different. The rules were different. The talent is different. Very few low-post players anymore. The league’s adapted. Coaches have adapted. Things are ever-changing. And you have to change along with that.”Anyone who’s followed the Warriors’ dominance these past few years knows a huge chunk of that success stems from Golden State’s ability to go small and play Draymond Green — who may not even be the ideal height for a traditional small forward — at center. That alignment, with the addition of Andre Iguodala, gives the Warriors four long-limbed clones who are laterally quick enough and strong enough to cover almost anyone. With that defensive speed, Golden State can gamble a bit more on that end; it knows the opposing offense generally won’t be able to find mismatches, even if a switch has taken place.“At the end of the day, it’s really just another way for us to cut off the other team’s options with our versatility,” said Green, the league’s reigning defensive player of the year, who sometimes calls an audible — and moves a teammate out of the way — before a screen occurs to be in position to thwart the play.Video Playerhttps://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/dray.mp4Media error: Format(s) not supported or source(s) not foundmejs.download-file: https://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/dray.mp4?_=300:0000:0000:12Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Houston has also made life difficult for opponents with its versatility on defense. By and large, the Rockets have been far more successful on defense than most would have guessed, jumping to sixth in defensive efficiency this season after ranking 21st in 2015-16 and 18th in 2016-17. Adding the sticky-handed Paul certainly factored into that improvement, but plugging free-agent signings Luc Mbah a Moute and P.J. Tucker into the lineup likely did even more for the defense.“Their ability to guard 1 through 5 makes it so much easier for us. That’s why we’re so much better on defense this year,” Houston guard Eric Gordon said of the duo, which sometimes shares the frontcourt despite neither standing taller than 6-foot-8. (Nonetheless, the lineup pays dividends: Houston, trailing by 14 heading into the fourth quarter at Portland in December, came back to win by 7 while using Mbah a Moute and Tucker at the 4 and 5 for the entire period.)Mbah a Moute, in particular, has become a vital piece. According to a defensive dashboard created by Nylon Calculus contributor Krishna Narsu, the wing’s versatility was highly unusual. This season, he was one of just seven players to spend at least 15 percent of his time guarding each of the following positions: point guard, shooting guard, small forward and power forward.Unsurprisingly, the Rockets struggled in his absence during the middle of the campaign, enduring a season-long five-game losing streak. The Rockets’ 101.2 defensive rating with Mbah a Moute on the court this season would have ranked best in the league on a team scale, while their 105.4 rating without him would have had them just slightly above average, at No. 12.Above all else, Mbah a Moute and Tucker carry so much importance because they make Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni — one of the game’s brightest offensive minds who was never really known for switching with his defenses — more comfortable utilizing this style of play.“To even have a chance against a team like Golden State, you have to make a point of not being put into rotations. They’ll kill you that way. So I’m just happy we have a roster full of guys to where it makes sense to be able to switch the way we do,” he said.To be sure: Neither team is breaking from decades of tradition with this strategy on defense, even if they are using it far more often than everyone else. On some level, this is no different from what the LeBron James-era Miami Heat did when it rode small ball to a championship in 2012. (Kerr would be the first to tell you that he never envisioned Green playing the rim-protector role when he took the Warriors job. “We didn’t know Draymond was Draymond yet,” he told me.) Beyond that, it wouldn’t be fair to gloss over how unbelievably dominant these teams are on offense, given how big a role scoring plays in their success.Yet there are reasons to think that creative, well-timed switches will heavily factor into this series as the chess match of hunting for what each team perceives to be mismatches unfolds.The Warriors have made no secret of the fact that they like to post up Kevin Durant when they spot him being guarded by Paul following a screen.Video Playerhttps://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/durant.mp400:0000:0000:45Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Meanwhile, Harden and the Rockets are even less shy about attacking Stephen Curry; they’ll often run multiple pick-and-rolls until they get him on an island for a 1-on-1 matchup. In fact, they used this tactic six times in a seven-possession span during the final four minutes of the teams’ last regular-season meeting Jan. 20, a 116-108 Houston win.“We’re just gonna watch film and find ways to attack them offensively,” Harden said when I asked about that sequence. “We’ll take our shots, play unselfishly. Pretty simple.”Curry thinks this will mean isolating him in the same way this series. “I hope it’s every single play,” he told The Athletic’s Anthony Slater. “If you look at the ‘Hamptons Five’ lineup that’s out there, I would probably do the same exact thing if I was coaching against me. You’ve got Klay (Thompson), Andre, Draymond and KD out there. I embrace those opportunities to get stops and try to make it tough in those iso situations … and just do my job.”The likely MVP seeking out a former MVP for a 1-on-1 matchup, for the right to play in the NBA Finals. A pretty cool outcome, all thanks to how these juggernauts force and handle switches on defense.Check out our latest NBA predictions. read more


SDGE customers outraged over summertime high usage charges

first_imgSDG&E customers outraged over summertime high usage charges Posted: August 15, 2018 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsThe outrage continues over how high SDG&E bills are in San Diego this summer. A number of viewers reached out to KUSI NEWS via email and Facebook to share stories of their bill doubling, even tripling in some cases.Retiree Frank Gibson has drawn his shutters and turned on his fan in effort to stay cool without using his AC. But even though Gibson conserves energy he was hit with a much bigger bill this month.KUSI NEWS learned about Gibson’s issues with SDG&E after he emailed Tuesday, explaining the rates on the KUSI NEWS at 6 weren’t the ones he was paying.That’s because these were the rates of SDG&E “Time of Use Plan” when Gibson and most others are on the Standard Plan which charges customers more per kilowatt hour depending on how much energy they use that month.Standard Plan:Tier one: 0-to-374 kilowatts of energy used = $0.27/kilowatt.Tier two: 375-to-1152 kilowatts of energy used = $0.48/kilowattTier three: 1153 kilowatts and more is considered “high usage,” which is $0.55/kilowattSDG&E follows state mandated rules which went into effect last November. Customers may not not have realized there are three tiers of payment on a standard SDG&E plan. SDG&E wants to remind people- they aren’t price gouging you; they’re following state rules. The utility company also encourages people to sign up for alerts, notifying them when they are about to enter into high-usage territory. It also offers other energy plans, they don’t follow the tiers but instead, the time of day a customer uses energy, which may save the customer money.Gibson showed his bill from June that was just under $70. By July it had nearly doubled. He is not alone in his frustration. Members Facebook group “Santee Ca Today’s Current News and Information” lashed out at Tuesday’s report, one person writing:“This tier system is a crock. We just got our bill today and it was $906 for a 2 person household and we’re both at work all day!!! $272 was a fine for high usage. Gimme a break, we’re living in 100 degree heat non-stop.”Another wrote:“I keep the thermostat at 79-81, all light bulbs are LED, I do one load of laundry a week, only after 7:30PM. If it’s after dark and below 72, I use box fans to blow/suck air to cool the house. And the bill was STILL over $800!! What the hell is going on with SDGE?!”In response SDG&E:“Every year, electricity prices rise in the summer time (per the California Public Utilities Commission summer months are June 1 – October 31) as energy demand from homes and businesses rises across the state. As energy demand goes up, prices tend to increase, similar to other markets. This year, there is also a state-mandated High Usage Charge that gets applied to a customers’ bill when they use four times more energy than the average amount of energy needed to run a household. This average is also known as the baseline allowance, which varies by season and climate zone. Not all pricing plans we offer have baseline allowances and customers can choose a plan that best fits their energy needs.“Per state law, SDG&E does not profit off the sale of electricity to our customers. In other words, the electricity we purchase for our customers is a direct passthrough to their bills, SDG&E does not profit from that transaction. Our earnings come from the infrastructure system required to meet our customers’ energy needs. The power grid is growing more complex each year as our customers have new choices and energy needs. For example, the power grid must be able to support a growing number of electric vehicles and private rooftop solar systems.“At SDG&E, we are committed to delivering clean, safe and reliable energy to every family and business we serve. Currently, 45 percent of the electricity we deliver to our customers comes from renewable sources such as solar and wind. The national average among utilities is 8 percent. We are committed to ensuring every family and business we serve has reliable energy to keep the lights on, cool their homes, and power their lives. In fact, we delivered industry-leading reliability for our customers for the past 11 years straight years. ” Ashlie Rodriguez, August 15, 2018 Ashlie Rodriguez Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more


Ravens Star Jimmy Smith Suspended Four Games for Domestic Abuse

first_imgBy Perry Green, AFRO Sports Editor, pgreen@afro.comRavens star player Jimmy Smith will miss the first four games of the 2018 NFL regular season after violating the league’s personal conduct policy.According to ESPN, Smith’s suspension stems from a petition filed by his former girlfriend and mother of his child, accusing the eight-year-veteran cornerback of domestic violence and abuse. Upon investigation, the league discovered evidence of Smith’s “threatening and emotionally abusive behaviors” towards, prompting the suspension.Baltimore Ravens defensive back Jimmy Smith has been suspended for four games without pay for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy. The suspension stems from Smith’s behavior toward his ex-girlfriend. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)“I would like to sincerely apologize to my former girlfriend, the NFL, the Ravens organization, my coaches, my teammates, my fiancée and all our fans. I’m very disappointed that my past actions have led to this suspension,” Smith said in a statement released by the Ravens. “I promise that I have already learned much and will continue to learn more from this experience. I believe I am, and will continue to try to be, a better person and a better father because of this. I am committed to being the best I can be, both on and off the field.”Smith was initially dealt a six-game suspension from the league, but it was reduced by the two games after an appeal, according to ESPN. Smith said he takes full accountability for his actions.“I take full responsibility for my past conduct. Moving forward, I will work with the NFL and the Ravens to ensure that what happened in the past will never happen again,” Smith said in his released statement. “I will take all necessary steps to be a positive role model for both my sons, for the NFL and for the entire Ravens community.”The Ravens organization released a statement, saying it was aware of the NFL’s investigation into Smith’s conduct and plans to retain him throughout the suspension.“As a result of this entire process, we will allow Jimmy to return to our team after his suspension,” the Ravens’ media statement read. “Jimmy has acknowledged his behaviors were wrong and accepts full responsibility for them. He has completed a clinical evaluation and has agreed to undertake any follow-up care or treatment that may be recommended.”The Ravens’ decision not to release Smith was perhaps surprising, considering how the team cut former Ravens star running back Ray Rice after he was suspended five years ago for domestic violence. Ravens owner Steve Biscotti said back then that the Ravens would never draft any players with a history of domestic violence, per ESPN.“Through our conversations with Jimmy, we believe he is taking the proper steps to improve and that he can change,” the team stated. “Jimmy has assured us that he is fully dedicated to making this change. He also understands the consequences if he does not.”last_img read more


Recap Nine mile queues and severe delays on M6 due to overrunning

first_imgDad slams ‘disgusting’ hospital window Driver named following fatal collision There have been severe delays on the M6 motorway in Cheshire this morning after an overnight closure for roadworks overran. The Northbound carriageway was closed until around 7.30am due to the over-running white lining works from J18 A54 Middlewich Road (Middlewich /  Holmes  Chapel) to J19 A556 (Knutsford) Roadworks were scheduled to be completed by 6am. according to traffic data company Inrix. A Highways England spokesman said:  “M6 northbound between J18 and J19 Is now open, overnight roadworks have been removed sufficiently that traffic can use, workers are removing the final part of the closure. “Delays of at least an hour on the approach, with around 9 miles of queues.“ Read MoreTop stories on StokeonTrentLive Police search for missing woman Punter found hiding in bushes   Congestion was reported as far back as junction 16. Other roadworks operated by Highways England overnight – including on the A50 Westbound between Uttoxeter and Blythe Bridge and on the M6 southbound between junction 11 and junction 10 have finished as planned. Read More’He battled until the very end’ – Grieving family’s heartache as ‘inspirational’ dad-of-four loses cancer fight at age of 47 (Image: Inrix) Want to tell us about something going on where you live? Let us know – Tweet us  @SOTLive  or message us on  our Facebook page  . And if you have pictures to share, tag us on Instagram at  StokeonTrentLive  08:10End of live feedThis is the end of our live feed. Residual delays are reported to continue.07:57Breakdown reported within residual delaysOne lane blocked and queueing traffic due to broken down lorry on M6 Northbound from J16 A500 (Stoke-On-Trent / Crewe) to J17 A534 Old Mill Road (Sandbach / Crewe). In the roadworks area.Lane two (of three) is blocked, breakdown has occurred within the residual delays of the earlier over-running roadworks between J18 and J19. 07:35Nine miles of queuesA Highways England spokesman said:M6 northbound between J18 and J19 Is now open, overnight roadworks have been removed sufficiently that traffic can use, workers are removing the final part of the closure. Delays of at least an hour on the approach, with around 9 miles of queues. “07:2875 minute delays reported75 minute delays reported on M6.07:19All lanes now openInrix now reports all lanes have reopened07:11One lane has now reopenedInrix now reports one lane has reopened.07:07Cheshire East ask motorists to consider alternative routes due to ongoing delaysA Cheshire East Council spokesman said:Slow northbound from J17 at Sandbach – please consider using alternate routes and drive with care.” 07:06Closure now being liftedA Highways England spokesman said;Closure of the M6 northbound between J18 and J19 is in the process of being removed. J18 northbound entry slip will reopen, followed by the main carriageway. “06:49Work ongoingA Highways England spokesman said: “Overnight closure of the M6 northbound between J18 and J19 remains in place, work to complete the white lining has overran. We are working to get this done as quickly and safely as possible, so that the road can be reopened.”06:44Delays of around 50 minutesWe’re getting reports of delays of around 50 minutes06:44Delays back to junction 16Traffic England is now reporting issues back towards junction 16.06:2530 minute delays against expected trafficTraffic England is now reporting 30 minute delays against expected traffic, with delays now reported back past junction 17.06:23Delay causing congestion – police confirmA North West Motorway Police spokesman said:Overnight roadworks on the M6 NB J18-J19 remain in place. Highways England are making to assist contractors remove the closure. It is causing some delays at the moment.”last_img read more


NeuVector announces new container risk reports for vulnerability exploits external attacks and

first_imgNeuVector, a firm that deals with container network security, yesterday, announced new capabilities to help container security teams better assess the security posture of their deployed services in production. NeuVector now delivers an intelligent assessment of the risk of east-west attacks, ingress and egress connections, and damaging vulnerability exploits. An overall risk score summarizes all available risk factors and provides advice on how to lower the threat of attack – thus improving the score. The service connection risk score shows how likely it is for attackers to move laterally (east-west) to probe containers that are not segmented by the NeuVector firewall rules. The ingress/egress risk score shows the risk of external attacks or outbound connections commonly used for data stealing or connecting to C&C (command and control) servers. In an email written to us, Gary Duan, CTO of NeuVector said, “The NeuVector container security solution spans the entire pipeline – from build to ship to run. Because of this, we are able to present an overall analysis of the risk of attack for containers during run-time. But not only can we help assess and reduce risk, we can actually take automated actions such as blocking network attacks, quarantining suspicious containers, and capturing container and network forensics.” With the RedHat OpenShift integration, individual users can review the risk scores and security posture for the containers within their assigned projects. They are able to see the impact of their improvements to security configurations and protections as they lower risk scores and remove potential vulnerabilities. Read Also: Red Hat Summit 2019 Highlights: Microsoft collaboration, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL 8), IDC study predicts $10 trillion global revenue by end of 2019, and more! The one-click RBAC integration requires no additional coding, scripting or configuration, and adds to other OpenShift integration points for admission control, image streams, OVS networking, and service deployments. Fei Huang, CEO of NeuVector said, “We are seeing many business-critical container deployments using Red Hat OpenShift. These customers turn to NeuVector to provide complete run-time protection for in-depth defense – with the combination of container process and file system monitoring, as well as the industry’s only true layer-7 container firewall.” To know about this announcement in detail visit the official website. Read Next Red Hat releases OpenShift 4 with adaptability, Enterprise Kubernetes and more! Red Hat rebrands logo after 20 years; drops Shadowman Red Hat announces CodeReady Workspaces, the first Kubernetes-Native IDE for easy collaboration among developerslast_img read more