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Horse Racing Results

first_imgTrack Condition : Dirt : GoodRace 1 1820 M (Purse $590,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($450,0-$400,0)/NB5YO-NW41. LADY BELRIDGE OMullings 52.02. SIR SOUTH HPottinger3 51.0 Sh.Head3. *BRAVE PROSPECT JPatterson3 54.0 1 1/2L4. PLAY STATION OWhite 52.0 2 1/2LLate scratch: #5 RAY RAYWIN: $321.00Final Time: 1:58.4 Splits : 27.1, 52.0, 1:16.4, 1:43.1Winner : 6yo b mare – OUTRIGGER out of DOCANDME by JOESLEWTrainer : TOWNSEND,RAYMOND I Owner : RIDGEWOODQuinella : (3,6) $781.00 Exacta : (6-3) $1,136.00Trifecta : (6-3-7) $426.00Race 2 1200 M (Purse $500,000) NB5-Y-O & UP MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT1. DANISH BROWN OMullings 53.02. *IDON’TKNOW RLunan 53.0 5L3. THEGREATALLIANCE AChatrie 55.0 5L4. DEPUTY HEADGIRL JErwin 53.0 3/4LDNF #3 LADY MARCIANNE LWalters 55.0 45/1Late scratch : #5 MR. MUSMAKIT, #6 RAWALPINDI EXPRESSWIN: $144.00Final Time : 1:17.2 Splits : 24.2, 48.3, ,Winner : 5yo ch filly – REGION OF MERIT out of EAST WIND by ALISIOSTrainer : BURRELL,RENEX L Owner : RENEX L BURRELLQuinella : (2,4) $229.00 Exacta : (4-2) $312.00D/E : (6-4) $685.00 (6-5) $298.00 (6-6) $254.00Superfecta : (4-2-1-8) $262.00Race 3 1200 M (Purse $845,000) 3-Y-O & UP OPEN ALLOWANCE1. *CAMPESINO WGriffiths,OD 55.02. BRAWN DaneNelson 52.5 2 1/4L3. ROYAL ASSAULT WHenry 50.5 3 1/2L4. FORCE DE JOUR NBerger4 46.0 1 1/4LWIN: $70.00PLACE: $53.00, $66.00, $69.00Final Time : 1:11.0 Splits : 22.4, 45.4, ,Winner : 6yo b horse – COMPADRE out of YAELLA by BOLD EXECUTIVETrainer : FEANNY,PHILIP M Owner : HAMARK FARMSQuinella : (2,7) $203.00 Exacta : (2-7) $208.00D/E : (4-2) $304.00Trifecta : (2-7-4) $137.00Rolling Triple : (6-4-2) $2,458.00Race 4 1000 M (S) (Purse $768,000) NB3-Y-O MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT1. *MY WAY OWalker 54.02. PATCH RWilson 54.0 4L3. THAT’S THE MAN AMartin 54.5 1 1/4L4. JASON’S GOLD JErwin 52.5 1 3/4L5. DUTCHESS URIEL LSteadman2 53.5 1LLate scratch : #12 UNCLE BUNNYWIN: $51.00PLACE: $58.00, $94.00, $208.00Final Time : 0:58.1 Splits : 22.3, 45.1, ,Winner : 3yo ch colt – MARKET RALLY out of ALL IN by ROYAL MINISTERTrainer : DACOSTA,WAYNE A Owner : MILADE AZANQuinella : (9,14) $199.00 Exacta : (14-9) $226.00D/E : (2-14) $66.00 (2-12) $91.00Trifecta : (14-9-7) $516.00Hi-5 : (14-9-7-16-8) $3,954.00Rolling Triple : (4-2-14) $451.00Race 5 1000 M (R) (Purse $500,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($180,0)/NB6YO&UP-NW31. FIX IT UP AMartin 55.02. PERFECT GOLD DDawkins3 50.0 1L3. FABULOUSCONNECTION HPottinger3 53.0 2 3/4L4. WAR CHIP DaneNelson 53.0 NeckLate scratch : #3 TURBULENT VELOCITY, #7 CLASSICAL TRAINWIN: $384.00PLACE: $154.00, $1324.00, $143.00Final Time : 1:01.1 Splits : 23.2, 47.1, ,Winner : 4yo filly – URBAN KING out of LA CHAISE byTrainer : MARKLAND,O’NEIL D Owner : O’NEIL D MARKLANDQuinella : (8,10) $7,517.00 Exacta : (10-8) $46,778.00D/E : (14-10) $685.00Superfecta : (10-8-1-5) $122,480.00Rolling Triple : (2-14-10) $822.00Race 6 1300 M (Purse $560,000) NB5-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE III(NW3/OT)1. HAILEY’S COMET KPowell 50.02. *TOUCH DE ROAD RLahoe 52.0 3 1/4L3. NATASHADONTPLAY JPatterson3 49.5 1 1/2L4. XQUISITE CHOICE HPottinger3 51.0 1 1/4L5. BAD BOY JUSTIN AChatrie 52.5 1LLate scratch : #3 AWESOME CATWIN: $358.00PLACE: $233.00, $115.00, $129.00Final Time : 1:21.1 Splits : 24.3, 49.1, 1:14.1,Winner : 5yo b filly – IMAGE MAKER out of REGINA ROYALE by ROYAL MINISTERTrainer : DARBY,RYAN O Owner : IAN M ROBERTSQuinella : (2,8) $774.00 Exacta : (8-2) $1,483.00D/E : (10-8) $3,014.00 (10-3) $878.00Trifecta : (8-2-12) $3,242.00Hi-5 : (8-2-12-7-9) $17,242.00Rolling Triple : (14-10-8) $5,104.00Race 7 1000 M (S) (Purse $530,000) NB4-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE V(NW2)1. SAMORA (AndreePowell) 4 49.02. SIR LEYLAND HALL RNelson 56.0 5L3. *FIRE ALARM RHalledeen 53.5 1L4. GOLD SCREW MWard4 52.0 3/4L4. MAMETA OFoster 53.0 dead heat6. #4 KACI DaneNelson 53.0 3LWIN: $8653.00PLACE: $726.00, $97.00, $66.00Final Time : 0:58.2 Splits : 22.2, 45.0, ,Winner : 4yo colt – HOMING INSTINCT out of SHAKIRA SHAKIRA byTrainer : PLUMMER,DONOVAN Owner : SOMORA CLARKEQuinella : (1,11) $11,266.00 Exacta : (11-1) $53,570.00D/E : (8-11) $155,560.00Trifecta : (11-1-3) $44,023.00Hit-6 carry-over : $213,934.50Rolling Triple : (10-8-11) $97,276.00Super-6 : (4-2-14-10-8-11) $682,425.20CLIFFORD STEWART MEMORIAL CUPRace 8 1200 M (Purse $530,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($250,0-$210,0)/NB5YO-NW2 & 6YO-NW41. ST. BERNARD OWalker 54.02. AQUILO WHenry 54.0 Sh.Head3. EL NUMERO UNO RLunan 55.0 Sh.Head4. EL CLIENTE OEdwards3 51.0 Neck5. BLESSEDNESS JInnis3 49.0 1/2LDNF #11 WARRIOR PRINCESS JErwin 53.5WIN: $248.00PLACE: $98.00, $119.00, $86.00Final Time : 1:15.1 Splits : 23.1, 47.1, ,Winner : 7yo ch horse – TRACKING out of LUVABLE by LAW OF THE SEATrainer : BEECHAM,MICHAEL A Owner : PHILIP A EDWARDSQuinella : (7,12) $1,404.00 Exacta : (12-7) $2,365.00D/E : (11-12) $214,504.00Trifecta : (12-7-1) $4,124.00Hi-5 carry-over : $68,384.55Rolling Triple : (8-11-12) $1,961.00PlacePot 8 : (3,6-2,4-2,7-9,14-8,10-2,8-1,11-7,12) $165,750.00Race 9 1400 M (Purse $500,000) 4YO&UP CLM($180,0)-NOT FINISHED 1st – 2nd SINCE DEC.111. STORMONTHESEA (AndrePowell) 4 51.02. VERONICA B JPatterson3 52.0 2 3/4L3. COSEQUIN OEdwards3 51.0 Head4. ZANZIBAR HPottinger3 52.0 2 1/2L5. JOHN D LINJAH DDawkins3 49.0 NeckWIN: $1536.00PLACE: $890.00, $96.00, $537.00Final Time : 1:30.3 Splits : 24.0, 48.1, 1:16.0,Winner : 5yo dk b/br colt – STORM CRAFT out of VELOCITY byTrainer : HARDIAL,RUDOLPH M Owner : JACQUELINE M. BURGESS & EMILE K. WRIGHTQuinella : (4,5) $13,106.00 Exacta : (5-4) $19,656.00D/E : (12-5) $51,410.00Trifecta : (5-4-8) $87,160.00Hi-5 carry-over : $200,681.65Rolling Triple : (11-12-5) $21,432.00Pick-4 : Carry-over : $594,698.00Super-6 : (14-108-11-12-5) $52,929.50 Carry-over : $1,111,519.50Pick-9 : (6-4-2-14-10-8-11-12-5) $66,603.00 (6-4-2-14-10-8-11-12-5) $324.50 Carry-over : $1,677,505.20last_img read more


5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Thursday July 11 2019

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below are 5 things to do in Wilmington on Thursday, July 11, 2019:#1) Wilmington Bylaw Study Committee MeetingThe Wilmington Bylaw Study Committee meets at 6pm in Town Hall’s Room 9. Read the agenda HERE.#2) Wonderland Theme Park At Wilmington LibraryThe Wilmington Memorial Library (175 Middlesex Avenue) is holding a presentation on Wonderland at 7pm. Thirty years before the Wonderland Race Track was built, the site was given its name by the Wonderland Amusement Park. Conceived by a man in the Baking Soda industry who bought the land and planned by a man who had failed to build the biggest park in Coney Island. Wonderland was filled with cutting-edge rides and attractions. Its opening day broke attendance records at Revere Beach, and the park was a major success. Author Stephen R. Wilk has been researching the park for his forthcoming book Backstage at Wonderland, and will talk about the building of the park and its first year of operation, 1906. Register HERE.#3) Pints & Pages Book Club MeetingThe Wilmington Memorial Library & Reading Public Library are holding their monthly Pints & Pages Book Club Meeting at Reading Public Library. A social book group geared towards readers in their 20’s and 30’s.  The group meets on the first Thursday of every other month.  The book discussion will be hosted by librarians from the Wilmington and Reading Public Libraries. Meeting location rotates between Wilmington and Reading. Featured Book: The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang. Location: Reading Public Library, Reading. We’re having a potluck picnic on the patio. Bring along a dish to share! Register HERE.#4) Time For Twos At Wilmington LibraryThe Wilmington Memorial Library (175 Middlesex Avenue) is holding Time for Twos at 10:30am. This storytime for two year olds includes books, rhymes, music and movement. Parents and caregivers accompany the child and participate in the activities. Space is limited. Tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.#5) Baby Time At Wilmington LibraryThe Wilmington Memorial Library (175 Middlesex Avenue) is holding Baby Time at 9:30am. This program of songs, rhymes, games and picture books is for babies under the age of two years and their caregivers. Space is limited. Tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Related5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Monday, August 26, 2019In “5 Things To Do Today”LIBRARY LINEUP: Story Time At Silver Lake On July 10; Remembering Wonderland Amuseumet Park On July 11In “Community”5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Thursday, July 18, 2019In “5 Things To Do Today”last_img read more


Coal mine auctions Centre gets 176 bids for 23 blocks

first_imgWhile the exact value of the bids could not be ascertained, industry estimates suggest these blocks may fetch tens of thousands of crores of rupees in revenue. The government officials said the response have been as per expectations and most of the major players from private sector are participating in the auction, which was necessitated after cancellation of earlier coal block awards by the Supreme Court. “176 technical bids have been received for 23 coal blocks under Schedule II which were put on auction for private sector. The response has been as per our expectation and most of the major players have participated in it,” Coal Secretary Anil Swarup told reporters here after the technical bids were opened. Swarup, however, did not reveal the names of the players who participated. Also Read – I-T issues 17-point checklist to trace unaccounted DeMO cashSources said the bidders include JSPL and GVK Power among others. A spokesperson for Monnet Ispat confirmed that the company has submitted its technical bid. “Auction process will be web cast to maintain transparency,” Swarup said after the technical bids were opened today in the presence of bidders. The Supreme Court had in September 2014 cancelled allotment of 204 mines since 1993 terming the allotment as “arbitrary and illegal”. Coal Minister Piyush Goyal had earlier said that as per conservatives estimates, eastern states which house most pf these mines stand to gain about Rs 7 lakh crore from auction and royalties over the next 30 years. A maximum number of 16 bids were received for Gare Palma IV/7 block which is in Chhattisgarh and was previously alloted to Sarda Energy & Mineral Ltd. Twelve bids each were received for Tokisud North block in Jharkhand, Bicharpur mine in Madhya Pradesh and Gare Palma IV/4 in Chhattisgarh. Also Read – Lanka launches ambitious tourism programme to woo Indian touristsTokisud North was previously allocated to GVK Power (Govindwal Sahib) while Bicharpur was earlier given to Madhya Pradesh State Mining Corporation. Gare Palma IV/4 was previously allotted to Jayaswal Neco. The tender process for the 23 coal mines under schedule II was started on December 27 last year and “bidders submitted their technical bids on MSTC portal created for the purpose,” the government said. “The electronic bids were decrypted and opened electronically in the presence of bidders. Entire process was displayed on the screen for the bidders. Subsequently, sealed envelopes containing bank guarantee, power of attorney and affidavit were also opened in the presence of bidders,” an official statement said. These bids will be evaluated by a multi-disciplinary technical evaluation committee to shortlist bidders for participation in the electronic auction to be conducted on MSTC portal from February 14, it added. The blocks put on offer include Ardhagram, Belgaon, Bicharpur, Chotia, Gare-Palma-IV/1, Gare-Palma-IV/4, Gare-Palma-IV/5, Gare-Palma-IV/7,Gotitoria (East) & (West), Kathautia, Mandla North, Marki Mangli-I, Marki Mangli-III, Parbatpur Central, Sial Ghoghri, Amelia (North), Gare-Palma-IV/2 & IV/3, Sarisatolli, Talabira-I, Tokisud North and Trans Damodar.last_img read more


NeuVector announces new container risk reports for vulnerability exploits external attacks and

first_imgNeuVector, a firm that deals with container network security, yesterday, announced new capabilities to help container security teams better assess the security posture of their deployed services in production. NeuVector now delivers an intelligent assessment of the risk of east-west attacks, ingress and egress connections, and damaging vulnerability exploits. An overall risk score summarizes all available risk factors and provides advice on how to lower the threat of attack – thus improving the score. The service connection risk score shows how likely it is for attackers to move laterally (east-west) to probe containers that are not segmented by the NeuVector firewall rules. The ingress/egress risk score shows the risk of external attacks or outbound connections commonly used for data stealing or connecting to C&C (command and control) servers. In an email written to us, Gary Duan, CTO of NeuVector said, “The NeuVector container security solution spans the entire pipeline – from build to ship to run. Because of this, we are able to present an overall analysis of the risk of attack for containers during run-time. But not only can we help assess and reduce risk, we can actually take automated actions such as blocking network attacks, quarantining suspicious containers, and capturing container and network forensics.” With the RedHat OpenShift integration, individual users can review the risk scores and security posture for the containers within their assigned projects. They are able to see the impact of their improvements to security configurations and protections as they lower risk scores and remove potential vulnerabilities. Read Also: Red Hat Summit 2019 Highlights: Microsoft collaboration, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL 8), IDC study predicts $10 trillion global revenue by end of 2019, and more! The one-click RBAC integration requires no additional coding, scripting or configuration, and adds to other OpenShift integration points for admission control, image streams, OVS networking, and service deployments. Fei Huang, CEO of NeuVector said, “We are seeing many business-critical container deployments using Red Hat OpenShift. These customers turn to NeuVector to provide complete run-time protection for in-depth defense – with the combination of container process and file system monitoring, as well as the industry’s only true layer-7 container firewall.” To know about this announcement in detail visit the official website. Read Next Red Hat releases OpenShift 4 with adaptability, Enterprise Kubernetes and more! Red Hat rebrands logo after 20 years; drops Shadowman Red Hat announces CodeReady Workspaces, the first Kubernetes-Native IDE for easy collaboration among developerslast_img read more