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JCA election! – Incumbent Heaven, Harris bowl off for cricket’s top job

first_imgIncumbent president Wilford “Billy” Heaven will be challenged by incumbent secretary Fritz Harris at the annual general meeting of the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) at the Jamaica Conference Centre. The contenders, who will enter the elections with a slate of six other executive committee nominees, will be vying for votes from a delegate list of 101 members. Topping the list other executive committee nominees are by Dr Donovan Bennett and former West Indies ‘A’ representative, Mark Neita, running as first and second vice-president, respectively, along with Heaven, the chief executive officer of the state-run Culture, Health, Arts, Sports and Education (CHASE) Fund. VICE-PRESIDENTS Harris, a business executive and educator, has former West Indies player Nehemiah Perry as his first vice-president nominee and Dr Joyce Graham-Royal, principal of G.C. Foster College, as second vice-president. The other executive committee nominees are: Team Heaven – Diahann Campbell, honorary secretary; Clinton Clarke, assistant secretary; Hopeton Morrison, treasurer and Kerry Scott, assistant treasurer. Team Harris – Randy Nelson, honorary secretary; Dennis Gordon, assistant secretary; Loren Edwards, treasurer; Errol Moodie, assistant treasurer. “We came into office with the promise that we would work to improve the quality of life for all our stakeholders in the Jamaican cricket family. We have kept our promise,” Heaven said. “There is still, however, much to be done to widen and deepen the scope of that improvement.” Harris, in the meanwhile, in his pre-election document, which was titled “Team Cricket”, said his mission was to rebuild the sport. “I am challenging because there is a cry for help,” he told The Gleaner. “Cricket is really struggling and the kind of will that is required was not shown by the president over the past two years.”last_img read more


Well, Duh; Adam and Eve Were Contemporaries

first_img(Visited 119 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 New genetic studies confirm the existence of a “Y-Chromosome Adam” and “Mitochondrial Eve” but, contrary to earlier analyses, place them in the same time frame.When science journals mention Adam and Eve, they are not thinking along Biblical lines.  What they mean is that gene comparisons allow inferences about ancestry that lead to single individuals as parents of all living humans.  Careful to distance his thoughts from Genesis, Ewen Callaway writing in Nature (“Genetic Adam and Eve did not live too far apart in time”) explains:The Book of Genesis puts Adam and Eve together in the Garden of Eden, but geneticists’ version of the duo — the ancestors to whom the Y chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA of today’s humans can be traced — were thought to have lived tens of thousands of years apart. Now, two major studies of modern humans’ Y chromosomes suggest that ‘Y-chromosome Adam’ and ‘mitochondrial Eve’ may have lived around the same time after all.When the overall population size does not change (as is likely to have happened for long periods of human history), men have, on average, just one son. In this case, evolutionary theory predicts that for any given man there is a high probability that his paternal line will eventually come to an end. All of his male descendants will then have inherited Y chromosomes from other men. In fact, it is highly probable that at some point in the past, all men except one possessed Y chromosomes that by now are extinct. All men living now, then, would have a Y chromosome descended from that one man — identified as Y-chromosome Adam. (The biblical reference is a bit of a misnomer because this Adam was by no means the only man alive at his time.)Similarly, he continues, “mitochondrial Eve” can be traced back to one woman.  The news is that the genetic Adam and Eve were most likely contemporaries, although the secular scientists claim it is highly unlikely they ever met.  According to Tia Ghose at Live Science, “Despite their overlap in time, ancient ‘Adam’ and ancient ‘Eve’ probably didn’t even live near each other, let alone mate.”The new analyses are based on genetic comparisons performed by Francalacci et al. on 1,204 Sardinian men and by Poznik et al. who studied genes from 69 miles in 9 distant populations.Our findings suggest that, contrary to previous claims, male lineages do not coalesce significantly more recently than female lineages.Previous claims had put mitochondrial Eve as much as 3 times farther back than Y-chromosome Adam.Both papers, published in Science, were discussed in a Perspective article by Rebecca McCann.  Both Callaway and McCann recognize that the findings are not conclusive; many assumptions enter into the analysis.  The most that can be claimed is that “there is rather little or no disparity with the age our common maternal ancestor,” McCann said.  “….a population giving rise to the strictly maternal and strictly paternal portions of our genomes could have produced individuals who found each other in the same space and time.”Callaway’s article points out the kind of tweaking of data required to get results.  Uncertainties can arise from the samples selected, from estimates of mutation rates, from how widespread polygamy was practiced, among other things.  Nevertheless, it was a bit embarrassing to have the genetic Adam and Eve so far apart in time.  The new papers bring them closer together.  Philosophers and sociologists of science may have fun with one paragraph from Callaway’s article:For most biologists, the analysis of SNPs [single nucleotide polymorphisms, or mutations] simply provides evidence of population subdivision in the branching patterns of our long-dead ancestors, and this can offer an overwhelming sense of our geographical roots that some will find appealing. However, for social scientists pondering the social consequences of such disclosures surrounding biological diversity in humans, there can be instant recoil at past misguided efforts to use genetics to justify racism. While some have looked at genetic basis of disease susceptibility in the context of migrations of human populations, there is always the danger of confusing the effects of selection driven by the environment compared to the genetic history of the populations in question. Indeed, some researchers have concluded that human racial classification is a continuing social construct and not a biological reality at all.What’s notable about these articles is the effort taken to distance the findings from Genesis.  Callaway was quick to emphasize the differences in the Biblical story and the scientific story.  He denied that the genetic Adam and Eve were the only people alive at the time.  He also pointed to hostile reactions in the scientific community about possible Biblical implications of the findings:Yet Hammer sees the discrepancy between the age of the Y-Adam and that of the mitochondrial eve as a “red herring”, and he, as many other population geneticists, bristles at the use of biblical names. Because of the random nature of genealogy, he says, two different genetic lineages are unlikely to have common ancestors who lived in the same population at the same time.Under the subtitle “Adam and Eve?”  Tia Ghose was also quick to distance herself from Genesis:These primeval people aren’t parallel to the biblical Adam and Eve. They weren’t the first modern humans on the planet, but instead just the two out of thousands of people alive at the time with unbroken male or female lineages that continue on today.That quote included a link to an earlier Live Science story criticizing the Creation Museum based on reactions of some visitors who felt “discomfort” with the Biblical presentation.For what it’s worth, Iraq is creating a “Garden of Eden National Park” in its southern marsh region, reported New Scientist.  While secular scientists will surely deny the existence of such a place, Biblical creationists will assert that it was obliterated in the Flood.  Either way, it is presumptuous to think such a place be visited today, with or without an angel holding a flaming sword to bar entrance (see Genesis 3:24).Let’s cut to the chase: scientists have a competing origins story to the Bible.  If the Genesis account is true, one would expect genetic evidence to corroborate it.  Genetic studies like this cannot confirm nor deny the Genesis account, but only provide evidence that is more or less “consistent” with it.Secular scientists, however, do not come at the evidence bias-free.  Their conclusions do not leap out of the data unprocessed; both the methods and the conclusions are heavily theory-laden.  Secular scientists come at it with visions of millions of years of evolution from ape-like ancestors; that’s why their imaginary Adam and Eve had to live over a hundred thousand years ago (to fit the evolutionary time frame).  Because of their anti-Biblical bias (why else would one “bristle” at it), they will never willingly conclude that the evidence supports a recent modern pair, living alone in a newly-created world.  Is it not intriguing, though, that the findings are consistent with a real Adam and Eve?For a different analysis not plagued with pro-Darwin bias, check out the presentation by Dr. John Sanford, geneticist from Cornell University (audio presentation or article by Robert Carter, who has worked with Sanford).  The words “Genesis” and “genetics” have the same Greek root, related to origins.  So why not Genesis genetics?  “Evolutionary genetics” is a contradiction in terms; variations notwithstanding, genes are designed, not products of unguided processes.  When you take the Darwin-colored glasses off and look at the data without dismissing Genesis at the outset, it’s pretty amazing just how consistent the data are with the Biblical time frame and recorded history – and how the evolutionary story cannot stand under the same genetic evidence.last_img read more


A Lifesaver for Your Brain: Digital Sticky Notes Done Right

first_imgAfter I set mine up, I asked Gemmell what he uses, and he said the same thing, so I guess I chose correctly. Also, he calls this keystroke “triple-splat-N,” which is the coolest. Matt Panzarino at The Next Web usescommand-shift–1. You should use whatever is easy to type and remember.2. Type a reminderReminders can have a title, subtitle and body message. The form pre-fills the title as “Reminder,” and it puts the cursor in the message field, so you can just start typing if you don’t need anything fancy. This clever little app has replaced some of my silliest life-hacks with something fast and effortless. I seriously used to create folders on my desktop and put reminders in the title. That was bananas. Now I’ve got a $3 solution that I’ll use all day. 4. Manage and dismissYou can stack up multiple notificiations, and if you open Notification Center, you’ll see the time stamp for when you created each one. Just click the button to close them and get back to work. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Online life is a constant series of interruptions. Some people try to stave off madness by cluttering their desktops with floating windows from an app like Stickies. But now there’s a tidy, user-friendly improvement upon this idea (for Mac users). If you’ve ever created a new document, folder, alarm or event to remind you what you were doing or what you need to do, you’ll be glad this app exists.Instinctive Code, the workshop of longtime Mac developer and software philosopher Matt Gemmell, released an app Tuesday called Sticky Notifications.This little gem does away with Stickies, Apple’s built-in virtual sticky note app that hasn’t been improved since the dawn of OS X, replacing it with functions that make it easy to keep track of mental notes without ever taking your hands off the keyboard. With a keystroke, it pops up a window for you to type a note to yourself. When you hit enter, the note appears as a message in Notification Center (on 10.8 Mountain Lion) or Growl (on 10.7 Lion, if you have it installed).But instead of fading away like notifications usually do, it stays put until dismissed. So if you need to pause working on something to attend to something else, you can just throw it into a sticky notification and come back to it when you’re ready.Here’s how to set it up and use it:1. Choose a key commandYou can summon the app by clicking on the menu bar icon, but the quickest way to launch a new note is with a key command of your choosing. I went with control-option-command-N. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market 3. Hit enterThe enter key (or clicking ‘Notify’) creates your sticky notification. It’ll just float there until you dismiss it. If you paste a URL into the message, it will be clickable, so you can open a Web page in your browser straight from the notification.center_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#How To#web jon mitchelllast_img read more


Amid buzz of early polls, amit Shah to visit Gujarat

first_imgAmidst the buzz of early elections in Gujarat, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah, during his two-day visit to the State next week, will address booth workers of the party and hold a series of crucial meetings with the top leaders, including Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.On March 29, Mr. Shah will address a convention of the party’s booth workers at Sabarmati riverfront in Ahmedabad. Mr. Shah is also likely to attend the Assembly proceedings on March 30 as a BJP MLA.Dr. Harshad Patel, Gujarat BJP media cell convener, said, “Around one lakh booth workers from across the State are expected to be present in the convention.”This will be Mr. Shah’s first visit to his home State after the BJP’s landslide victory in Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand Assembly elections.According to sources in the government, Mr. Shah is expected to have a long meeting with Mr. Rupani and other Ministers, and, subsequently, a large scale bureaucratic reshuffle is likely to be effected in order to gear up the State administration for the Assembly polls.A senior government official said, “There will likely be transfers of district collectors, district development officers (DDOs) and district superintendent of police (SP) in the beginning of April, besides a few changes in the senior bureaucracy as there are many vacancies to be filled in.”Meanwhile, the main Opposition party, the Congress, has launched State-wide preparations assuming that the election will be held in May or June.The party has appointed observers to prepare a panel for each of the 182 Assembly segments in the State.On March 20, the Congress had organised a meeting of ticket aspirants, in which more than 1,500 party leaders showed their inclination to contest the polls.last_img read more


Congress suffers a jolt in Meghalaya

first_imgEight MLAs in Meghalaya, including five of the ruling Congress, resigned from the Assembly on Friday to join the NDA constituent, National People’s Party. Those who put in their papers are former Deputy Chief Minister Rowell Lyngdoh, Sniawbhalang Dhar, Comingone Ymbon, Prestone Tynsong, and Ngaitlang Dhar of the Congress, Remington Pyngrope of the United Democratic Party and Independents Stephanson Mukhim and Hopeful Bamon, Assembly Principal Secretary Andrew Simons said. With these resignations, the strength of the Congress which comes days after another MLA, PN Syiem, quit the Congress, the number of party MLAs in the 60-member Meghalaya Assembly has come down to 24 from 30. However, there is no immediate threat to the Congress government as it is backed by nine Independents, which takes its tally to 33. The term of the current House expires on March 6. The five Congress legislators had earlier rebelled against Chief Minister Mukul Sangma and the party leadership. Four of the five Congress MLAs were part of the State Cabinet and were sacked by the CM for “incompetence.”Mr. Rowell, a veteran Congress leader, later announced that all the eight MLAs, would join the NPP, also an alliance partner of the BJP in the Manipur government, at a rally next week. The NPP, led by Conrad K. Sangma, son of former LS Speaker P.A. Sangma, has two MLAs in Meghalaya at present. With these resignations, the strength of the Congress which comes days after another MLA, PN Syiem, quit the Congress, the number of party MLAs in the 60-member Meghalaya Assembly has come down to 24 from 30. However, there is no immediate threat to the Congress government as it has support of nine Independents which takes its tally to 33. The term of the current House expires on March 6.Elections in Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura are due early next year. An elated Conrad Sangma said the decision of the five Congress MLAs to resign and join the NPP next week was a big boost for the party.“It is a big boost for the NPP ahead of the elections in the state … We will felicitate their joining the party next week. We welcome their decision and we are confident to form the next government in Meghalaya,” Conrad Sangma told PTI. He said their leaving the Congress and joining the NPP indicates that the party was the only alternative available to the people in the state. The NPP chief said: “More than 10 per cent of the Congress MLAs have resigned. This implies that the leadership under Chief Minister Mukul Sangma has failed.”last_img read more


Province accepting comments on proposed conservancy near Halfway River First Nation

first_imgLast March, the Province and the First Nation signed an agreement which included that the two parties work together to recommend that a conservancy be established in an area of high cultural significance to the community. The Province is seeking to understand how this proposal may impact third parties and the public.An open house will be held on Wednesday, April 25, in Room 202 at Northern Lights College in Fort St. John from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m..Written comments can also be mailed or emailed to:Lisa BrockMinistry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development100 – 10003 110th Ave.Fort St. John, B.C.V1J 6M7Email: Lisa.Brock@gov.bc.caComments will be accepted until May 25th. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — The provincial government said today that it will be accepting comments from the public on the proposed new Tsaa Nuna conservancy, located next to the Halfwat River First Nation, until May 25th.The proposed Tsaa Nuna conservancy is located 65 kilometres northwest of Fort St. John and 35 kilometres northeast of Butler Ridge Provincial Park, and would cover an area of 5,975 hectares along the southern shore of Halfway River.The conservancy is intended to protect the high cultural values and wildlife habitats of the area. The land within the proposed conservancy is of historic and continuing significance for the practice of Treaty Rights by members of the Halfway River First Nation.last_img read more


US based Devon Energy says it intends to exit Canadian oilsands sector

first_imgOther foreign companies that have reduced their exposure to the oilsands in recent years include Norway’s Statoil, Arkansas-based Murphy Oil, France’s Total SA and Houston-based ConocoPhillips.In research notes, CIBC analyst Jon Morrison says the Canadian assets would likely fetch between $3.5 billion and $5 billion if sold, while Eight Capital analyst Phil Skolnick estimates they could sell for between $7 billion and $9 billion.Jackfish is south of Fort McMurray near similar operations owned by Calgary-based rivals Cenovus Energy Inc. and MEG Energy Corp.Devon says it is making the move to exit Canada (as well as from the Barnett Shale area in Texas) so that it can complete its “transformation to a high-return U.S. oil growth business.” CALGARY, A.B. – Another foreign oil company says it’s getting out of the Canadian oilsands.Oklahoma City-based Devon Energy Corp. says it will pursue the “separation” of its Canadian assets from its core business, a move that could include an outright sale or creation of a new company to own and operate them.Devon owns the Jackfish steam-driven oilsands complex, with a capacity of 105,000 barrels per day of bitumen, as well as conventional heavy oil wells near Lloydminster, Alta., that produce about 15,000 bpd.last_img read more


Festival Plaza project to be postponed until 2020

first_imgThe grant could provide up to  $1,925,462 in funding for the project, but there is no guarantee that the grant will be approved.  The City has yet to announce what the total cost of the project would be.The project was originally scheduled to start in the spring of 2019 and was to be completed by the fall.The Festival Plaza will be located on the northwest corner of Centennial Park on the grounds next to 100th street and 96 Avenue. The Plaza will act as a visual entrance to the City of Fort St. John when travelling in from the south. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – At a recent City of Fort St. John Council meeting, Council has decided to postpone the Festival Plaza project until 2020.The decision to postpone the project was made due to the uncertainty of funding.The City was going to apply to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program to fund 75 percent of the construction costs.  Unfortunately, the City won’t know if they receive the grant until the fall of this year and construction can’t start before the grant is awarded.last_img read more


Varanasi Not Priyanka but Congs Ajay to take on Modi

first_imgNew Delhi: The Congress on Thursday ended the suspense over the candidature of Varanasi Lok Sabha seat by declaring Ajay Rai, who placed third in the 2014 election, as the party’s nominee for the seat instead of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.Notably, Priyanka Gandhi had expressed her willingness to contest from the seat only on the wishes of party president Rahul Gandhi. The seat is currently represented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Congress announced its nominee for the seat on the day PM Modi started a mega roadshow in Varanasi as a prelude to filing his election papers on Friday. The Congress reportedly debated pitting Priyanka Gandhi, often called its ‘Brahmastra’, against PM Modi but caution won out. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’The Millennium Post was the first to report that Priyanka Gandhi would only be fielded from Varanasi if Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati agrees to extend her support as the Samajwadi Party (SP) was ‘ready’ to withdraw the candidature of Shalini Yadav, whose name was declared by the SP on Tuesday. Shalini Yadav, the daughter-in-law of a former Congress lawmaker as the opposition candidate from Varanasi. In 2014, Ajay Rai finished a poor third in Varanasi, with only 75,000 votes. The Aam Aadmi Party’s Arvind Kejriwal came second with around two lakh votes. None of them came anywhere close to the Prime Minister’s 5.8 lakh. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KPriyanka Gandhi had said that till now that she would contest from Varanasi “if the party asks me.” Since, she joined politics in January and was appointed one of the two general secretaries in-charge of the Congress campaign in Uttar Pradesh, there had been a buzz about the party fielding her against PM Modi. Priyanka Gandhi was given charge of eastern UP, which includes Varanasi. Her three-day boat campaign last month also ended in Varanasi, and this was read by many as more proof that the Congress was ready to go for broke. Priyanka Gandhi did nothing to stop the rumours. During an interaction with Congress workers who wanted her to contest from Raebareli, her mother Sonia Gandhi’s constituency, she said, “Why not Varanasi?” While campaigning in UP, Priyanka Gandhi has often spoken about what she calls PM Modi’s neglect of Varanasi as he roamed the world. “I was stunned to hear from people in Varanasi that in five years, the PM didn’t get time to go to a single village, visit even one family in his constituency,” she has said in rally after rally, accusing PM Modi of running a government indifferent to the poor. Taking a dig at Priyanka after the announcement, BJP leader GVL Narasimha Rao claimed that she “chickened out” of the contest after toying with the idea. “Like brother, like sister. Rahul Gandhi runs away to a faraway constituency and sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra chickens out of a contest after toying with the idea. Naamdars have already conceded big defeat to the kaamdar PM Narendra Modi ji,” the BJP leader said in his tweet. Varanasi votes on May 19 in the last phase of the national elections. The results of the seven-phase polls will be announced on May 23.last_img read more


Madan Mitra set to make political comeback as Bhatpara candidate

first_imgKolkata: Madan Mitra, Trinamool Congress leader and former state Transport minister, is set to contest in the Assembly by-election from Bhatpara.The Bhatpara seat fell vacant after Arjun Singh resigned from the party and joined BJP. Singh is contesting the Lok Sabha election from the Barrackpore seat, where election will be held on May 6. Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee announced Mitra’s name from an election meeting in Suri on Thursday, along with the names of three party nominees who will contest in the by-elections from Habibpur (ST), Islampur and Darjeeling seats. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaThe by-election in these seats will be held on May 19, whereas by-election in Nowda and Kandi seats in Murshidabad will be held on May 20. The results of all the five seats will be announced on May 23, along with the results of the Lok Sabha polls. Mitra was elected from the Kamarhati Assembly seat in 2016. The leader allegedly got involved in the multi-crore Saradha chit fund scam and resigned from the Transport minister’s post on November 18, 2015. The CBI had arrested him on December 12, 2014, in connection with the case. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayAfter his name was announced as candidate, a visibly happy Mitra said: “I am grateful to Mamata Banerjee for giving me the opportunity to serve the people again.” Asked whether the by-election in Bhatpara seat will be very tough as it is the area of Arjun Singh, he said: “I will go to the people and urge them to cast their vote in Trinamool’s favour.” Mitra became an MLA after he won the by-election from the Bishnupur West seat in 2009. Though out of power, Mitra kept in constant touch with the clubs and people of Kamarhati and other areas and his popularity and close contact with the people have helped him to get a nomination for the by-election. The Darjeeling seat fell vacant after sitting Trinamool MLA Amar Singh Rai was made a candidate for the Lok Sabha seat. Binay Tamang will contest from the Darjeeling Assembly seat as a GJM candidate and Trinamool Congress will support him. Amal Kisku will contest from the Habibpur (ST) seat, while Abdul Karim Chowdhury will contest from the Islampur seat. Chowdhury was the state Library minister in Mamata Banerjee’s government from 2011-16. He lost the election in 2016. The Islampur seat fell vacant after Kanaia Lal Agarwal, the sitting MLA, contested from the Raiganj Lok Sabha seat. The Kandi seat fell vacant after MLA Apurba Sarkar was nominated from the Berhampur Lok Sabha seat, whereas the Habibpur seat fell vacant after CPI(M) MLA Khagen Murmu left the party and contested from the Malda North seat on a BJP ticket.last_img read more