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PDM to reinstate Daylight Savings Time

first_img Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI July 20, 2017 — Daylight Saving Time (DST) will be reinstated in the TCI with effect from April 2018. The announcement came from Cabinet this afternoon.The time change will take effect next in order to allow enough time to notify the public and all relevant local and international organizations. DST will be reintroduced in the winter months and Local Standard Time will be effective during the summer months. According to the Cabinet note, DST is being reintroduced following extensive public consultation. The note said also that the response to the proposed DST reinstatement was favourable. No evidence of the consultation has been provided, however, although at a public meeting in Provo last month some residents expressed interest in returning to DST.DST was abandoned in 2015 following a 2014 Cabinet decision. The removal was delayed in order to provide international carriers with sufficient time to adjust schedules. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:#magneticmedianews, daylight savings timecenter_img No time change for Turks and Caicos Day Light Saving Time Delayedlast_img read more


ASCAP Makes Disaster Relief Donation To MusiCares

first_img Email https://twitter.com/ASCAP/status/1075132594763685888 ASCAP Makes Disaster Relief Donation To MusiCares ascap-makes-disaster-relief-donation-musicares Facebook News Twitter Donation will help music community members most affected by the firesPhilip MerrillGRAMMYs Dec 27, 2018 – 11:59 am Performing rights organization ASCAP announced on Dec. 18 that it is donating to MusiCares to support music’s creators including those “affected by the recent wildfires in northern and southern California” needing help with food, shelter and replacement of instruments or equipment.”We are truly grateful for the support and ongoing partnership of ASCAP,” said Recording Academy and MusiCares President/CEO Neil Portnow. “Their work on behalf of music people is vital, and their generosity to the music community is equally strong. This donation demonstrates how the music industry works together to take care of their own.””We have all been stunned by the devastation caused by the California fires and the heartache and loss suffered by our members who reside there,” said ASCAP Chairman of the Board and President Paul Williams, winner of three GRAMMY awards as a songwriter. “ASCAP has always been an advocate for music creators, and faced with these terrible circumstances, we have their backs. We are pleased to work with MusiCares to get help to those who need it most.” ASCAP Makes Disaster Relief Donation To MusiCares Members may make disaster relief requests by contacting MusiCares toll-free at 1.800.687.4227.For those wishing to donate, the “Gift Designation” choice at MusiCares’ donation page offers “Disaster Relief” as a selection.”The music community knows that it can turn to MusiCares in times of distress,” said ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews. “They have the organization and the infrastructure necessary to respond to these horrible events and help members of the music community in times of need. We’re glad to work with MusiCares once again to ensure that our funds reach the people most affected by the fires.”Learn Why “She Is The Music” & ASCAP’s Female Songwriting Camp Felt “Essential”Read morelast_img read more


John Oliver robocalls FCC to protest inaction on robocalls

first_img FCC This isn’t Oliver’s first time calling out the FCC. In May 2017, he aired a segment on net neutrality and asked the audience to flood the FCC with comments supporting net neutrality. Hours later, the agency’s comment system crashed. “Yes, FCC, we meet again, old friends,” said Oliver toward the end of the segment. The comedian stood on stage next to a sculpture of a giant finger about to press a huge button, saying he’d robocall the FCC commissioners every 90 minutes. “This time, unlike our past encounters, I don’t actually need to ask hordes of real people to bombard you with messages because, with the miracle of robocalling, I can now do it all by myself!”The FCC didn’t respond to a request for comment. Last Week Tonight declined to comment beyond the segment.  Share your voice John Oliver joked Sunday that he’d call the FCC every 90 minutes. Screenshot by Marrian Zhou/CNET John Oliver is taking on his “old friends” at the FCC once again. On HBO’s Last Week Tonight on Sunday, the comedian zoomed in on the robocalls problem, citing research that says half of mobile phone calls in the US will soon be scam calls. The Federal Communications Commission has criticized robocalling and said it’d take action on the issue. In November, the agency said it planned to create a database that businesses can check to make sure the numbers they’ve been given permission to call haven’t been reassigned to other people. The FCC is also undertaking “light touch” regulatory actions to give wireless carriers more flexibility to block spam text messages.FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in February also called on carriers to implement robust caller ID authentication systems to combat illegal robocalls and spoofing. He said companies need to get their programs in place by the end of the year, or the FCC will consider “regulatory intervention.”However, Oliver said that’s not enough. He argued that although Pai “urged” telecom companies to implement call authentication programs, if he’d “required” them to do it, the problem might have already been fixed. Mobile Tech Industry Digital Media Politics TV and Moviescenter_img Tags 2 Commentslast_img read more


Goldberg is back But he should not have been heres why

first_imgGoldberg is making another comeback to WWEWWE official websiteThere is a lot of excitement about the announced comeback of professional wrestling’s superstar Bill Goldberg to WWE. The former World Heavyweight Champion is scheduled to take part in the special event of the company on June 7 in Saudi Arabia.Fans of Goldberg are ecstatic. The highly-decorated superstar was last seen in action during Wrestlemania 33 when he took on Brock Lesnar in the Universal Championship title match. In his farewell address to the WWE audience, Goldberg did say that a return to the ring can’t be ruled out.And he proved right, because more than two years after that event, he is scheduled to have another match. At the moment, indications are that it would be against Bobby Lashley. The latter put out a tweet mentioning the return of the former WCW champion and even got a response from him, in the form of a clenched fist emoji.Whether it’s Lashley or anyone else, the return of the WWE Hall of Fame member is confirmed. But is it a good thing? Well, the honest answer is no! Even if you are a big fan of the formerly retired superstar, it may not seem like a good idea.Why he shouldn’t have?When Goldberg returned in late 2016, there was massive anticipation about his taking on Brock Lesnar. On his arrival, he looked in great shape. After their embarrassment of a match at Wrestlemania 20 in 2004, this was an opportunity for fans to see the pair redeem themselves with a top-class contest. Goldberg didn’t have a substantial match last timeWikimedia Commons / Marine Corps Community ServicesThe actual match turned out to be a squash. The match lasted less than one-and-a-half minute with a win for the returning hero. Goldberg followed this victory with a brief appearance in the Royal Rumble followed by another squash victory over Universal Champion Kevin Owens (in 22 seconds) to gain the title. It was clear by then that he was simply too old to sustain a long match and hence, WWE kept him restricted to brief contests.His latest stint in WWE culminated with the title match at Wrestlemania where Lesnar and Goldberg kept hitting each other with their signature moves and eventually the former won. To be honest, despite the clearly visible restrictions of Goldberg, it was an entertaining fight.If two years ago, the 52-year old was unable to have a substantial match, how can we expect anything better now? Yes, he may keep himself in good shape but without any in-ring experience and advanced age, how can he be expected to produce a good contest, be the opponent Lashley or anyone?It’s not surprising though, that WWE is still trying to bank on his popularity. They kept bringing The Undertaker back to wrestle despite him having been past his time. They even brought back Shawn Michaels after years of retirement for a tag-team match last year in Saudi Arabia. Watching these wrestlers struggling to put up a decent show while clearly being past their date is a painful experience.So, if you are a Goldberg fan and have enjoyed watching him in his prime, what you don’t want is to see him like the proverbial ‘Lion in winter.’ Much better to remember him as the dominant superstar who had great matches in WCW and WWE than witness him compete in below-average contests. Alas, that’s not how WWE’s sees things these days.last_img read more


Former AFROcom Developer Becomes Illumes Digital Strategy Director

first_imgWhen the AFRO ventured onto the Internet with its own website in 1994, it was the critical support of one of its employees, Seth McMillan, which played an integral role in that process. His position as an assistant to the AFRO executive team was actually his first job, but he discovered a talent and propensity for the digital world that has propelled him into an unexpected career – developing websites for large and start-up companies such as Webvisions, Lockheed Martin and Corvis. After only a year with Illume Communications, founded in 2003 by James Evans, McMillan is now their director of digital strategy. Known as the “webmaster” in the digital field, McMillan attributes his success to a few core principles: – Determination and patience, – keeping the right people close to him, – moving on the right opportunities at the right time and – being willing to take risks. McMillan spoke to the AFRO exclusively about his career current and future.AFRO: Describe Illume and its client base.McMillan: Illume Communications is a full-service, award-winning, brand and communications firm. We specialize in research-based creative strategies. Illume’s core competencies are developing compelling and effective messaging strategies. Illume starts this process by delving into the needs of our clients and digging even deeper into the mindsets of their target audiences. We finish the process by delivering thought-provoking communication devices in the language of the target audience. AFRO: Biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?McMillan: Myself AFRO: Smartest move?McMillan: My career path thus far has been rewarding, including my latest to Illume which I believe is amongst the smartest. I’m at a point in my career where the environment and current positioning lends itself to some of the most exciting opportunities ahead. This would not have been possible however, without my former partnership and experience with Marriner Marketing Communications. AFRO: Who have been your mentors?McMillan: I’ve been fortunate to enjoy the company of some wonderfully brilliant people early in my career who’ve all played a pivotal role in directly or indirectly motivating me upward. To name a few… – My mother who instilled in me, from the time I was six, that I can do whatever I set   out to do; as long as I was committed. – Jake Oliver, publisher and CEO of the AFRO– Rev. Frances Draper – former president of the AFRO– Ellis Marsalis – IT professional and consultant AFRO: What lies ahead for you?McMillan: Entrepreneurship is in my blood. I’ve enjoyed its savor and it continues to be my ultimate goal. I’m also a huge believer in giving back in some fashion so, I committed myself to helping others in such a way that their lives can too have clearer purpose and hope. AFRO: Advice to the aspiring?McMillan: Opportunity is always there waiting to be recognized and observed by you. Act upon it with vigor and purpose. Be patient with yourself as you encounter the obstacles and challenges that are inevitably designed to generate lessons in life for later reflection.At the end of the day, if I can do it, you can too!last_img read more